Support Our Work 💖

Poor and low-wealth people (folks with powerful voices and stories who tend to be most affected by data privacy and surveillance harms) need support to be able to do this work of self-advocacy. And part of that is because doing this work is not without its own risks of surveillance threats and harms.

We don’t have official 501c status yet, so all of our work is funded 100% by PEOPLE! Help us crowd-fund this vital work so that we can continue to fight for strong laws in WA State, and beyond!

Here’s the link: https:/

If you need more context on all we’ve accomplished in just this year, see our post: Organizing & Mobilizing: What we’ve been up to in 2022!

Every and Any amount you can donate will help.
Here are some support levels we encourage!

Fuel Injector ($12): buy us a pound of coffee – vital fuel when reading bills and cranking out work.

Care Bear ($25): Treat us to brunch as a thank you for our work!

Flyer Faerie ($50): Brings the magic support we need to print flyers/cards for events.

Connector ($80): Make sure we have funds for phone and internet access.

Sustainer ($100): Keep us tooled up with graphics software and support the labor needed to reach folks on socials.

People’s Advocate ($250): Help us lay groundwork for people’s legislative advocacy leading up to WA State’s 2023 Legislative session.

Social Justice Film Buff ($300): Help us reach our goal of making sure we have a year’s worth of streaming and webinar service AND video editing tools to helps folks learn, engage, act and spread the knowledge!

Amplifier ($600): Help us mobilize like crazy (and often overnight) to catalyze and amplify people’s voices into self-advocacy during the 2023 WA Legislative session. We organizers cannot sleep – help keep our voices booming!

Comforter ($1,000): The more we have to worry about funds, the less we can accomplish. Assist with keeping the anxiety and burnout that comes with precarity and poverty while organizing at bay! The comforter helps us focus on advocacy!

Visionary ($2,500 – 5,000): Help us do all of the above AND attend important meetings and events, and engage in broader and deeper coalition work to build people power.

Game-Changer ($5,000 +): Want to make sure WA (and other states) have a real shot at people’s privacy laws? The deadline for ballot initiatives is soon. Let’s be ready! Get us funded and supported now for sure victories ahead.

In-kind donations as sponsorships are also super-welcome! Reach out. 🙂


For the budget-curious: specific funding needs, urgent and upcoming.
Starting goal: $5K
  • Web-page: reimburse for domain purchases already made, secure all domains for 2 years, web-hosting service, email, etc.
  • Build new website(s), migrate past content, create new action portals and functionality, set up email client
  • (est. $1000/yr) Service subscriptions to webinar, graphics, and video tools. (Zoom webinar $690/yr or $80/month + $5/mo Language translation feature; Canva Pro $119/yr; Image and Video editing software $300-500/year)
  • Printing costs: info cards, info sheets, stickers, post-cards for tabling, actions, and base-building.
  • Getting web-resources and actions up and running quickly to support current federal AND upcoming local and state advocacy.
  • Funds to support local travel for educational workshops and events, expense reimbursement.
  • Honorariums/awards for core group of organizers (if not financially able to donate their time).
Stretch Goal: 30K+
  • Seed money to file for formal 501c status.
  • Skilled help in setting up formal entity, filing forms, reporting, accounting, etc.
  • ($200/yr) PO Box for Organization
  • Honorariums for community member input sessions & for tech/organizer/legal/policy professionals’ working time (if not financially able to donate).
  • Honorariums/awards for board members’ time and efforts (if not financially able to donate those).
  • Funding for virtual and in-person community events, teach-ins, and materials.
  • Filing fees (Legislative/Ballot Initiatives)
  • $$$$$$$ – Campaign expenses
With a big injection of funds, we’ll be ready to build a national site! YES!