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Poor and low-wealth people (folks with powerful voices and stories who tend to be most affected by data privacy and surveillance harms) need support to be able to do this VITAL people’s legislative self-advocacy. A big part of that need for support is that doing this work is not without its own risks of surveillance threats and harms. Data privacy and tech just often involves holding law enforcement and systems of justice accountable.

WA People’s Privacy doesn’t have official 501c status yet, so all of our work has been funded 100% by PEOPLE! Help us crowd-fund so that we can continue to fight for strong human and civil rights policy and laws in throughout WA State, nationally and beyond!

Here’s the a link to our 2024 Fundraiser: https:/

A post with of our work and accomplishments in 2023 is coming soon! And, we’ll be working on some website catch-up posts and important documents, sign-on letters, links and updates. Thanks for everyone’s understanding of poverty-impacted people’s advocacy challenges! We stay in the tech justice fights, but sometimes web-updates just have to get shuffled to the back burner!

For context on our groundbreaking work in 2022, see post: Organizing & Mobilizing: What we’ve been up to in 2022!

Every and Any amount you can donate will help. WA People’s Privacy is one of only a HANDFUL of Poverty-impacted Queer Latina-founded tech justice organizing entities in the U.S.. Small amounts of organizer mutual aid has kept us going since founding this in early 2022, but y’all, with the amplified threats of AI, Automated Decision Systems and more coming at us faster than many advocates can even keep up with: we really need your help to keep on keepin’!

Please consider donating generously if you care about tech justice, your rights to privacy & bodily autonomy, and the health of organizing in this space.

*Special tidbit: the 2021-2023 POLICY PRIORITIES of the WA Democrats listed banning face recognition as a goal. We tried valiantly โ€“ on multiple occasions across two years โ€“ to explain this to a big foundation in WA State, as well as the fact that we had ballot initiative campaign experience having advocated for a successful ban in Bellingham, WA in 2021, and a clear path laid for us at the state level to continue forward and bring a state ballot initiative to ban face recognition and predictive policing tools. But sadly, it’s fallen on deaf ears.
But that doesn’t mean we should give up! If WA People’s Privacy is supported well enough, we can still get this going without big foundation support, but it would probably take at least $15K – $25K to begin rolling that out. Food for thought for those with deep pockets who understand the threats to our freedoms and liberties that biometric collection and scanning enabled as well as predictive/risk scoring tech truly present in 2024.

~Maya Morales, founder